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Zealot Merchants and What we do

Introducing low cost E-book publishing and Inbound marketing in Nairobi

We’re glad to introduce Zealot Merchants as a low-cost answer for your e-publishing or inbound marketing consultation needs. We are an online based enterprise that works with individual, start-ups and small businesses on publishing and promoting their e-books.

We are also helping start-ups and small businesses to attract the right leads online through business blogging and consulting on the importance of using social media as well by generating the right content and posts for their sales prospects. We also advice on the importance of analyzing the results for a more efficient marketing plan and better results as well.


What are E-books?

An e-book is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both; and produced on, published through and readable on computers or other electronic devices. Sometimes it is the equivalent of a conventional printed book, but it can also be born as originally digital.

How and why we help you publish?

E-books are now growing in popularity in Kenya and more people are aware of them. They are a low-cost way of purchasing books that are already in print. They are also an easier way for budding writers to publish and sell their material. E-books are also very useful in business as an inbound marketing strategy. Start-ups and small business can benefit greatly by using e-books. Unfortunately not all individuals or small businesses have access to computers, and if they do; for limited amounts of time at quite a cost.

We at Zealot Merchants want to offer services to small businesses and individuals who want to publish and promote their e-books but have very limited computer access. We have e-book publishing software that will help us input, format and publish the e-books for our clients. We will also promote the e-books in various ways e.g. promoting writers’ books on fiction platforms online or small business e-books on the client’s blog and/or website.

Client Example:

Our first E-book promotion is going to be for a start-up business called “Jade Gardens”. It is a family-owned farm business that grows and sells seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs. They want to start publishing a series of healthy living publications on herbs and other healthy vegetables and fruits.  They have chosen to use e-books as their form of publication because it will be affordable and easily accessible to their customers. Their e-book is set to start selling on November 5th, 2012. We will promote and sell their e-book on their behalf.



What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is based on the concept of earning the attention of potential customers, making yourself easy to be found and drawing customers to your website by producing content customers value. Forms of content marketing that are considered inbound marketing are like; blogs, e-books, social media marketing, video, e-newsletters, white papers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and podcasts.

In contrast; buying attention, direct paper mail, radio, TV ads, sales flyers, spam, telemarketers and traditional advertising are considered Outbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is especially effective for small businesses that deal with high cost products or services and knowledge-based services. Sales prospects are more likely to get informed and hire someone or purchase products from someone who demonstrates expertise in their industry.

A model of inbound marketing illustrates the concept in five stages:

  1. Attract traffic.
  2. Convert visitors to leads.
  3. Convert leads to sales.
  4. Turn customers into repeat higher margin customers.
  5. Analyze for continuous improvement.

How we help you with your Inbound Marketing?

Our focus in your inbound marketing strategy will be in S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) blogging, social media engagement and e-books.

Inbound marketing requires a lot of time and effort to create and publish content. We offer to help small businesses that may not have the time or computer resources to generate and publish content. If a small business does not have a business blog, we will offer to set-up and design a blog as well as post an introductory blog post for the business. The small business is then free to choose to continue blogging themselves. If the client would like to continue with us; we offer two other options.

If a small business has the content necessary for their blog and/or e-book; we will offer our publishing services for their e-book or blog posts.

The second option is that we will offer both the services of content generation and posting or publishing.

We also offer consultation to our clients on social media marketing; content generation for various social media sites. We advise on the appropriate posts and frequency based on the client’s inbound marketing goals.


Client Example:

A good example of a blog design and set-up we have done for a small business is Amari Quickbreads Bakery Blog. We also consult on their SEO blog strategy. It has been successful so far.

We also set-up the “Jade Gardens Blog” and post for them on their blog and social media sites weekly.

Our mission at Zealot Merchants is to help small businesses and individuals to build a strong online presence through content generation and low cost e-publishing.

For any questions on our services or any other information on us check out our About Us page, e-mail us @zealotmerchantservices@gmail.com or call/text us on   +254 0711631 314


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